Why reputation management is important

We all have reputations that we want to keep a positive perception of. Regardless of whether or not its something doesn’t change that a bad reputation is detrimental to your success. NBA superstar and Cavaliers Forward, Lebron James launched his media platform “Uninterrupted” to communicate directly between his audience instead relying on other media to cover him. The platform has given him a voice outside of sports, talking to his fans about business, politics, and a bevy of social issues. Taking advantage of what opportunities become more available to a new audience, doing this has landed him new sponsor ships and ways to expand various other businesses. Along with benefiting himself, the “Uninterrupted” media platform has given other athletes, a few of which don’t play the same sport as himself, more exposure.

The trials of success often start with your reputation and the opportunities they lead to are often new and different. Sometimes talking to someone that you would never talk to and being nice to them for 30 seconds can lead you opportunities you never dreamed. Sometimes sending an idea to someone who you think won’t accept it can change your life. Traditionally throughout history, our reputations have not been managed by ourselves, but managed by the people around us. The bias certain individuals may have of us may keep us from attaining the success that we yearn for. For example, if a politician was running for office, he/she often talks to the media. Some of the media members know him/her and have relationships outside of their profession.┬áIf a media member had a personal grudge against someone that they’re covering, it may badly reflect the accurate perception of an individual. This is why lawyers and an agency of reputation management Google agents can work together. If a celebrity is sued and the jury questions his/her behavior the reputation management agency can work to make sure that their client has the highest chance to win a certain case. In situations like those, where people are more likely to say some false for monetary gain, your true character will be shown. You show who you are and not what someone who has an opinion of you. Consistency is important, if it known on an annual or regular basis, people develop more empathy and understand that you’re a better person than what might’ve been initially shown. You can show what others can’t see.